This is a course made up of five films that you can watch either by yourself or in a group. The Threat will give you some background information about match fixing, and information about what to do if you encounter it. The Fixer, The Debt, The Talent, and The Bet all present different match fixing scenarios in more depth, in order to generate discussion. Each film is accompanied by a text outlining the relevant regulations, as well as questions for discussion. The films are fictional, but all are based on true events. The people in the films have no connection to match fixing or illegal gambling.

The Threat

The Fixer


The Debt


The Talent


The Bet


Frequently asked questions and answers about match fixing.

Report suspected cases of match fixing via the secure link at the top of the page, or call the tip line on 0703 – 00 36 63.

Download the learning group plan for discussions about match fixing.