About Match Fixing

Pre-determined games – so-called match fixing – is a serious threat against the future of competitive sports.
The historic ties between sports and betting go far back. In recent decades, this relationship has developed and become more complex. However, in the wake of a growing betting industry, the problem of match fixing has grown.
Match fixing is when someone, through illicit means, influences the results of a game or athletic competition in order to gain an advantage and eliminate the unpredictability and chance that are inherent in competitive sports.

Match fixing is one of the greatest threats against competitive sports. In recent years, a number of cases of manipulated results, and associated betting, have been discovered. Match fixing goes against everything that Swedish sports stand for: integrity, fair play, and respect for others. If games or parts of games are determined in advance, both audiences and participants will soon lose interest in the sport. Match fixing also often involves organized crime, which puts participants at risk.

It is important that those involved in Swedish sports, whether they are athletes, coaches, referees, or other officials, take personal responsibility when it comes to betting, and follow the regulations that have been established in the anti-match fixing regulations. Together, we uphold the fundamental value of fair play.